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OOS Spring Field Meeting

Apr 15-17, 2016

The 2016 Spring meeting of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society (OOS) will be held April 15-17, in Woodward, OK. It will be held in conjunction with the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival, which is sponsored by the Oklahoma Audubon Council and the Tulsa Audubon Society. One of the meeting highlights will be the key-note address at the Saturday night banquet. It will be given by Pete Dunne, who is one of the icons of birding in America. Pete has written several books such as “Tales of A Low Rent Birder”, is the director of the Cape May Bird Observatory and one of the founders of the World Series of Birding.

All meeting activities will be held at the Northwest Inn, Woodward (800-727-7606). OOS has a block of rooms at a special rate of $79 + tax. Please mention OOS or the Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival to receive this rate. The motel features a full breakfast bar included in the room rate.

There are several motel options in town. Nearby major chains include Holiday Inn, La Quinta, Hampton Inn, and Candlewood Inn. Budget motels include Days Inn, Comfort Inn, America’s Best Value, and Super 8. The closest camping choices are at Boiling Springs State Park a few miles northeast of town.

Field trips will include visits to Boiling Springs State Park, Ft Supply Lake, and Ellis County WMA near Arnett. You will need a current hunting/fishing license ($25) or a Conservation Passport ($26) in your possession to access the WMA. Other nearby points of interest you can visit are Alabaster Caverns State Park, Glass (Gloss) Mountains, Little Sahara State Park, and Doby Springs (near Buffalo), to name just a few.

You DO NOT need to register through the prairie chicken festival for OOS events or the banquet. If you choose, you may participate in certain festival events for a fee. See a complete list of events, costs and festival information at the website, Other festival events such as the Saturday and Sunday workshops are free to all except for the photography workshop.

You can register online or print and mail the registration form.


OOS Memberships/Renewals

You may now join or renew your membership in the OOS on-line with your credit card. Visit the membership page and select your membership level, or print a renewal form to mail.


2016 OOS Special Projects Funding

The OOS Special Projects awards provide funding to students at any level, faculty researchers, and individuals or civic groups proposing to do work that aligns with our general mission to promote the “observation, study, and conservation” of birds in Oklahoma. The deadline for applications will be 1 March 2016.

For 2015, an ad-hoc committee comprised of Chris Butler, Rebecca Renfro, and Tim O'Connell reviewed proposals for Special Projects funding.  Of all the proposals submitted, the top honors went to Caitlain Laughlin (from the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management ) and Danielle Perryman (from the Department of Integrative Biology), both from Oklahoma State University.  Caitlin's research was on the "Avian response to quarter century differences in fire history in the Oklahoma Cross Timbers", while Danielle's research was on the "Effects of supplemental feeding on Eastern Bluebirds, Sialia sialis". Congratulations to these students for their excellent work! 

Click here for more information on the OOS grant program.

Updated OOS Checklist


The Oklahoma Bird Records Committee (OBRC) is pleased to announce the fourth edition of the official Checklist of Oklahoma Birds has now been published, dated December, 2011. Click here for more information and to view the checklist.


Recent Rarity Sightings from eBird

Below is the BirdTrax Google Gadget, an up-to-date list of birds reported as "rare" in eBird. eBird is a great way to track your own sightings and to add to the global knowledge-base of bird population trends. eBird has greatly improved over the last year, and is a great way to keep your bird lists, You can also export from AviSys and other listing software. Click here for more info on the eBird gadget and how birds included on this list.

Cormorant and Ibis Hybridization

Jim Arterburn has provided copies of two articles from North American Birds he has co-authored with Joe Grzybowski and Ron Shepperd on Glossy/White-faced Ibis and Double-crested/Neotropic Cormorant hybridization.


More and more hybrid ibis are being found throughout Oklahoma, especially the Salt Plains, Hackberry and Red Slough and surrounding states.  While only the one hybrid cormorant has been found to date these articles will be of interest to birders around the state and may help bring more hybrid sightings to light.


The two articles may be found on the Features page.

OOS Now Accepting Credit Cards!

You may now join or renew your membership in the OOS on-line with your credit card. Visit the membership page and select your membership level.

You may also purchase the OOS Date Guide and Field Cards on-line. See the publications page to order your items.


We are an independent, non-profit educational organization founded in 1951 and dedicated to the observation, study, and conservation of birds. Our diverse membership, which includes individuals of all ages, is composed of both beginning birders and professional ornithologists. The observation and study of birds is a prominent example of a scientific field in which amateurs have made major contributions. As a member of the OOS, you will have many unique opportunities to cultivate your interest in birds.


Recent Rarity Sightings

Click here to view the eBird Rare Bird Google Gadget, an up-to-date list of Oklahoma birds reported as "rare" in eBird.


OOS On Facebook

Visit the official Facebook page of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society to see the latest news, photos and talk about Oklahoma birds.


OKBirds E-Mail Listserv

The Sutton Avian Research Center sponsors a discussion list (listserv) for those interested in Oklahoma birds. Click here for information on how to subscribe.

The American Birding Association's Birding News has the last few days of messages on one convenient page.


Guide to Birding in OK

View Tulsa Audubon's On-line Guide To Birding in Oklahoma featuring birding locations across the state, including Google Maps and Google Earth interfaces.


Important Bird Areas

Important Bird Areas, or IBAs, are sites that provide essential habitat for one or more species of bird. In 2006 the OK Audubon Council began a state IBA program, appointing Eric Beck as our State IBA Coordinator. Many OOS members serve on the Technical Committee that is currently evaluating area for inclusion as IBAs. Click here for more information on this important program.


OKBirds Photos

Western Screech-Owl by Steve Metz

View the latest Bird photos submitted to the OKBirds listowner.


OK Wild Bird Wiki

The purpose of the OK Wild Bird Wiki is to allow Oklahoma birders to share their knowledge of Oklahoma birds with the Oklahoma birding community. The Wiki allows visitors to search for information on Oklahoma birds and to enter new records of interest.




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Scissortail Flycatcher photo courtesy of Bill Horn
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